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  • a RP /pɑ:st/, /pA:st/
  • a GenAm /pæst/, /p

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Pass(ing) may refer to:

Movement or route past an object

  • Half-pass, a movement in dressage, in which the horse moves forward and sideways at the same time
  • Mountain pass, a lower place in a mountain range allowing easier passage
  • Pass, of a compiler, is a run of a code processor in a computer programming language compiler
  • Pass (sleight of hand), a sleight of hand move
  • The Pass, a sleight of hand move
  • Making a pass, an attempt at romantic seduction
  • First pass effect, a phenomenon of drug metabolism whereby the concentration of a drug is greatly reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation
  • Passing or overtaking, when a faster vehicle moves in front of a slower one on a road
    • Passing lane, a lane on a road for use while overtaking
    • Passing loop, a section of double track on a single-line railway where trains can pass each other
  • Passing feces, defecation
  • Passing water, urination
  • Passing, approval of a proposed law by a legislative body
  • Passing away, a euphemism for dying
  • Passing out, losing consciousness
  • Passing out, graduation from a military academy
  • Two pass verification or double data entry, a data entry quality control method


  • Pass, a ticket for unlimited admission, discounts, etc
  • Backstage pass, an employee pass for backstage areas of a performance venue
  • Press pass or press card, a document granting special privilege or access to journalists
  • Transit pass or bus pass, a ticket for unlimited travel on buses, trains etc
    • Eurail pass, a pass issued by Eurail Group for trains and buses in Europe
    • E-ZPass, an electronic toll collection system used on most tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels in the northeastern United States
    • Indrail Pass, a railway pass for Indian railways available to foreign nationals
    • I-PASS, an electronic toll-collection system used by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
    • Railroad Pass, a ticket that can be used to travel on a railroad
    • Universal Transit Pass or U-Pass, unlimited access to local transit for students
  • Pass (United States military), permission for military personnel to be away from their unit for a short period in the U.S. military
  • Pass laws, laws in apartheid South Africa designed to segregate the population and limit the movements of the non-white populace
  • Hall pass, a token allowing a pupil to visit the restroom in school

Passing from one person or thing to another

Passing off or passing as

  • Passing off, in law, presenting one product as another
  • Passing (sociology), to present oneself off as a member of another sociological group, such as:
    • Passing (disability), a disabled person presenting themselves as not being disabled or as being less disabled than they really are
    • Passing (ethnic group), a member of one ethnic group presenting themselves as a member of another
    • Passing (gender), a person of one sex presenting themselves as a member of the opposite gender, or an intersexed person presenting themselves as a chosen gender
    • Passing (racial identity), a person of one race presenting themselves as a member of another
    • Passing (sexual orientation), a person of one sexual orientation presenting themselves as another
    • Passing (social class), a person of one social class presenting themselves as a member of another




Films and theatre




  • Joe Pass (Joseph Anthony Passalaqua, 1929–1994), jazz musician
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accepted, adopted, ago, antiquated, antique, appointed, approved, blown over, by, bygone, bypast, carried, chosen, dated, dead, dead and buried, deceased, defunct, departed, designated, elapsed, elect, elected, elected by acclamation, embraced, espoused, expired, extinct, finished, forgotten, gone, gone glimmering, gone-by, handpicked, has-been, irrecoverable, lapsed, named, no more, nominated, obsolete, over, passe, passed away, past, picked, ratified, run out, select, selected, unanimously elected, vanished, wound up
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